Steam mop function introduction

By admin / Date Dec 08,2021
The steam mop has a super powerful function of removing oil stains, dirt and stubborn stains. The most troublesome aspect of home life is the range hood
Clean kitchen utensils, clean kitchen utensils oil stains, toilet stains, urine stains, stains on leather sofas, and old stubborn stains left by places such as refrigerators and microwave oven doors that are often touched by hands. Whether it is using a brush, steel wire ball or cleaning agent, some even use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other chemical corrosive products that are strictly prohibited to use can not achieve the desired effect. The steam mop uses a special high-performance brush head made by a multi-functional cleaning machine, and the stains are nowhere to escape while washing.
The steam mop has the function of cleaning edges, gaps and corners. Floors, edges, corners, door frames, windows, refrigerator drawers, partitions, sinks, cabinets, sofa edges, bottoms and other places that cannot be cleaned with a rag or mop on the floor, edges, corners, door frames, windows, and bottoms of rooms and offices. The steam can easily make these stubborn stains adhered to these blind spots fall off on their own, and the originally dirty places are immediately renewed. This is the power of the steam mop.
The steam mop has the function of efficiently cleaning glass products.