What is the principle of steam mop

By admin / Date Dec 15,2021
The principle of the steam mop is to heat water to generate pressure and high temperature, and directly use high temperature and high pressure steam to sterilize and clean the home environment. Steam mops generally have functions such as high temperature sterilization and oil removal. Using high pressure to generate steam, it can clean and sterilize, and easily deal with difficult dirt. Whether it is age-old oily dirt on kitchen range hoods, mold growth in damp bathrooms, or car engines and interiors, etc., steam mops quickly remove dirt, saving time and effort, without adding any detergent, economical and affordable.
The advantages of steam mop:
Strong cleaning ability: It is impossible to clean the stubborn stains with a traditional mop. We need to wipe repeatedly, and we will often get exhausted to clean the floor! The steam mop can generate high-temperature steam above 100°C, which can quickly dissolve stubborn stains, and the floor wiping is efficient and convenient, which can make our cleaning and sanitation life activities more convenient!