How to use steam mop

By admin / Date Dec 03,2021
1. Unscrew the safety helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, add appropriate amount of water as required, and be careful not to inject too much water (the maximum amount of water is 1.5L). Turn the safety helmet clockwise, assemble the accessories according to the items to be cleaned by the customer (refer to the manual), connect the power plug, and the power indicator will light up. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, press and hold the steam injection button, it can be used after the steam is ejected.
2. After cleaning, leave the cleaner for a period of time to let its body cool down completely. Please keep it in a cool place. It is strictly forbidden to spray steam on people, pets and plants.
Clean the walls
Clean the walls
3. When cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to put detergent or soapy water, and be sure to use ordinary tap water.