Grass Burner For Weed Control

By admin / Date Nov 04,2022
Using a Grass Burner is an effective method of controlling weeds. You can use this device to target areas where it is difficult to get to with a hand weeder. It also has the added advantage of being eco-friendly, as it does not produce an open flame. You can also use it to kill weeds without the risk of burning your property or yourself.
Grass Burner comprises a platform, a substantially vertically disposed guide rod, and a tubular member slidably mounted on the guide rod. A movable crank arm is connected to the burner tube by a tube. Another lever is mounted on the platform and operatively connected to the arm. The device also includes a water sprinkler system that prevents grass from igniting outside the burned area.
Weeds that are still small are the easiest to kill. Usually, repeat applications will be necessary for them to die off completely. Those that are wet from dew will be more susceptible to the heat.
Weed burners are not recommended for use near flammable objects, in bushland, or in high fire risk areas. You can accidentally cause a bushfire with it, so be careful when using it.