Grass Burner is a useful tool

By admin / Date Oct 29,2022
Whether you want to clear a large area quickly or control weeds in a smaller area, the Grass Burner is a useful tool. This buzz bait with dual treble hooks resembles a school of shad and is effective in imitating the natural movement of schooling fish. It also uses an electric heat source to kill the weeds and remains environmentally friendly.
The weed and grass burner is a device used to kill grass and weeds adjacent to a roadway. It is an assembly that is mounted on a wheeled support and consists of a burner and several torches that are supplied with liquid fuel from a supply tube. There is also a platform with means for vertically adjusting the burner and torches relative to the supply tube. The device may also comprise a water sprinkler system that prevents grass from burning outside of the burned area.
Some models come with an instant start trigger, which makes them safer to use. Other features of a weed burner include an adjustable flame control and a comfortable grip. A lightweight tube is also helpful for carrying the device around. A good weed burner should have a power lead of at least five meters.
A weed burner torch is most effective in the early spring and early summer when the weeds are small. The early application saves time and fuel, because smaller weeds don't require as much heat as mature weeds. In addition, the heat from the torch kills the seeds of annual weeds.