Are steam mops worth buying?

By admin / Date Apr 14,2022
For those who are heavy users of the kitchen, have children who have just crawled at home, or families with hairy children, I recommend starting with a good idea.
Now the cleaning tools in the home generally include brooms (advanced vacuum cleaners, and then advanced sweeping robots) and mops (advanced electric mops/steam mops, mopping robots) generally have these two tools.
The annoying thing about brooms is that it is not easy to clean dust and hair, and it is not easy to take care of afterwards. A vacuum cleaner will reduce troubles, but it needs to be hand-held, and a sweeping robot, I call it the God of Everlasting Drops, and everyone should have one in their home! ! !
Mop, it's not the big problem of mopping or not mopping, because generally as long as we sweep the floor, mopping is basically just the icing on the cake! So the troublesome question is how to make the mop not used as a monthly product, especially in the south, where the weather is cloudy and rainy, the water in the mop seems to never be able to dry the sea. Generally, when it encounters high temperature, it will rot and stink the next day, isn't it? Just kidding, it was basically a daily throw back then.
The electric mops in the back are much better because they are generally detachable sheet-like cleaning cloths, which can be dried and dried after use, at least they don’t need to be left in the corner regardless of their life or death.
What is the difference between a steam mop and an electric mop? This is a matter of opinion, one is lazy and saves trouble, and the other is decontamination and bacteria removal, and the effects are different. But if you ask me to choose between a mopping robot and an electric mop, then I only have one choice, and that is the steam mop.
So to sum up, is a steam mop worth buying?
It's worth it, no matter whether you have an electric mop or a mopping robot in your home, the high-temperature steam of a steam mop cannot replace the effect of decontamination and bacteria removal, so you are also one of the people I define, so buy it!