How to use a steam mop How to use a steam mop

By admin / Date Apr 20,2022
1. Pour in clean water. Unscrew the safety cap counterclockwise from top to bottom in the water tank, add an appropriate amount of water as required, and do not inject too much water, preferably within 1.5 liters, then screw the safety cap clockwise and connect to the power plug, at this time The power indicator light will be on, you can wait 3 to 4 minutes and then press the button.
2. The use process. Drag the steam mop back and forth against the ground several times, especially in the places with serious stains. The steam mop can easily remove the oil stains on the ground through the principle of steam. For some solid wastes, it is necessary to clean up in advance, and then use the steam mop.
3. Store in a cool place. At the end of cleaning, you can leave the cleaner for a period of time so that the body is completely cooled, and then store it in a cool place. Be sure to use tap water during use, and do not add soapy water or detergent.