What is the function of steam mop

By admin / Date Apr 29,2022
The gas stove top, range hood and surrounding walls in the room have been covered with heavy oil stains over the years, always giving hard-working housewives a headache. There are many cleaners on the market, with different quality and price, and it takes time to spray the cleaner. Waiting for the dirt to dissolve, chemical cleaners can cause environmental pollution and easily hurt your hands. Now that you encounter these problems, you don't have to worry about it. The steam mop can help. Does the steam mop really have such a magical function? Today, the editor will share with you these magical functions of the steam mop.
The steam mop has a super function to remove oil stains, dirt and stubborn stains. The most troublesome thing in household life is the oil stains on the range hood, the stains in the toilet, the urine stains, the stains on the leather sofa, and the cleaning work of the old and stubborn stains left by the refrigerator, microwave oven door and other places that are often touched by hands. Whether it is using a brush, steel ball or cleaning agent, some even using chemical corrosives such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid that are strictly prohibited cannot achieve the desired effect. The steam mop uses a special high-performance brush head of the multi-functional cleaning machine, which can be used for cleaning while brushing, and there is no escape for stains.
The steam mop has the function of cleaning edges, gaps and corners. Floors, edges, corners, door frames, windows, drawers in refrigerators, partitions, sinks, cabinets, sofa edges, bottoms, etc. that cannot be cleaned with a rag or mop, just spray lightly, high temperature of 130℃ The steam can easily make these stubborn stains adhering to these dead corners fall off on their own, and the original dirty place will be instantly refreshed. This is the power of the steam mop.
The steam mop has the function of efficiently cleaning glassware. The special leather brush equipped with the steam mop can directly clean the home, doors and windows, glass, car windshield, and glassware. Whether it is new dust or old stubborn stains, it can be easily done with one spray and one brush.