What is a steam mop? How to use a steam mop?

By admin / Date Apr 08,2022
1. What is a steam mop?
The steam mop is a kind of steam mop that generates pressure and high temperature by heating water, and sterilizes and cleans the indoor environment directly through the steam generated by high temperature. This high temperature and high pressure steam has a good effect on general bacteria and oil pollution. Plant the most popular indoor cleaning tools.
2. How to use the steam mop?
Bought a steam mop and won't use it? Below, please see the honeypot ant editor taking a product of KARCHER as an example to introduce the usage method in detail.
Mainly the Kach main unit, which is the most core component of the Kach steam mop, the so-called "brain" of the machine, and the secondary accessories mainly include the ground head, hand-held brush, microfiber floor towel, cotton towel cover, extension Hard tube, single nozzle, descaling agent, small round brush, these are the standard equipment of Kacher main engine, these different parts have different functions
The installation of the steam mop is mainly to install the mop rod, the mop head and the towel. There is a button on the mop rod to press and move it down to remove the mop rod. Normally, I will use this long mop rod at home, mainly for For mopping, other small mop heads are basically not used much. This long mop rod is mainly used with the ground pick head.
After the mop head is installed, install the floor towel on the front mop head, and the mop head clamps the floor towel, so that steam will be released during subsequent use, and the steam will come out from the mop head.
2. Add water and start
Rotate the water injection button down, rotate it counterclockwise, and then add water, be careful to add water, do not add other things, such as alcohol, disinfectant, perfume and the like, it is best not to add, directly Just add water.
3. It can be used after heating
When there is a yellow button and a blue button on the switch button, when the yellow light button is off, it means that the water heating is completed and it can be used normally. As shown in the picture above, the yellow button function light is off, and only the green light button can be used.
4. Turn on the steam mop switch
The steam volume control valve on the steam mop rod is the steam switch. There are low-level switches and high-level switches. The low-level steam output is less, and the high-level steam output is higher. There is also a button for the child lock. Once the child lock is opened, press it again. Both the low and high switches do not produce steam normally.
3. Precautions for the use of steam mops
1. Water injection switch
Many people have encountered such a problem, that is, after the steam mop is used, they want to dump the water in the steam mop, but the rotary button on the water injection port cannot be turned off. What is going on? In fact, this is a safety protection mechanism for the steam mop, because just after use, the water in the steam is still very hot and high pressure, so it cannot be opened. It can only be opened normally when the water temperature is high. The steam will hurt people, so everyone should wait for the water in the steam mop to cool, then unscrew the water injection button and let the water out.
2. Do not touch household appliances that are afraid of moisture
The steam mop produces high-temperature water vapor, which cannot be touched by electrical appliances. If the water vapor comes into contact with household appliances, the household appliances will easily become unable to be used normally if they are wet for a long time, so this point needs to be paid attention to.