Steam Mops

By admin / Date Sep 21,2022
Steam Mops are cleaners that use steam to disinfect floors. Unlike other mops, you don't need to use cleaning agents with them. The heat from the steam disinfects your floors while a microfibre pad sits beneath the steam jet to trap dirt. Steam mops are easy to use and are a great way to get your floors looking brand new.
Steam mops leave surfaces wet after cleaning, so it's important to allow the floors a certain amount of time to dry. The time required depends on the type of surface being cleaned and the temperature of the water. Typically, tap water is fine, but distilled water is preferred if you have hard water. When refilling your steam mop, it's best to add the water before the machine cools down. Otherwise, it will slow down the cleaning process.
Before using your steam mop, it's best to do a test run on a small, inconspicuous area first, especially if the floor is particularly sensitive. Turn on the steam mop to its lowest setting and press lightly on the surface. The steam will cover the area, but you should remember to pull it back to pick up any dirt.