What is a steam mop

By admin / Date Nov 15,2021
The principle of the steam mop is to heat water to generate pressure and high temperature, and directly use high temperature and high pressure steam to sterilize and clean the home environment. Steam mops generally have the functions of high temperature sterilization and oil removal. Using high pressure to generate steam, it can clean and sterilize, and easily deal with difficult dirt. Whether it is the age-old oily dirt of the kitchen range hood, the growth of mold in the humid bathroom, or the car engine and interior, etc., the steam mop quickly removes the dirt, saving time and effort, economical and affordable. There is no need to add any detergent, which is fully in line with economic principles.
The gas stove, range hood, and surrounding walls in the steam mop kitchen are always a headache for hard-working housewives because of the heavy oil stains attached to them over the years. There are many cleaning agents on the market with varying quality and price. Take time to wait for the dirt to dissolve. Chemical cleaners can cause environmental pollution and easily hurt your hands. Using a steam mop, these troubles will disappear. In addition to cleaning, it can also sterilize. Cut vegetables and meat on the cutting board. The slits of the knife marks hide considerable bacteria. If you are not careful, it will harm the human body. In addition to cleaning, the high-temperature steam can also kill the bacteria at the same time. In a damp bathroom, black, black and ugly mold will grow on the tiles and thin seams. Normal bathroom cleaners are difficult to remove, and the toilet groove is also difficult to clean. The steam mop has a long-lasting high-temperature sterilization effect and has a curved surface. The type nozzle is even more intimate design, which is the best equipment for general household or company cleaning.