How easy is the steam mop to use?

By admin / Date Jan 26,2022
Choose according to steam temperature
After the high-quality steam mop is powered on, the water temperature can reach more than 120 degrees Celsius, and the ultra-high temperature dry steam is sprayed out, which is immediately dry after mopping, high-temperature descaling and sterilization, and even the invisible bacteria are cleaned. The rate is as high as 90%, and the powerful cleaning effect truly protects the health of the whole family;
Choose according to practicality
But a high-quality steam mop can clean sofas, carpets, wooden floors, glass, and mats, and is suitable for all kinds of floors. It has a wider cleaning range and can achieve the best cleaning effect without damaging the floor. A variety of environments, one steam The mop can easily complete the cleaning work, making household cleaning more convenient, easier and more practical;
Choose according to environmental protection
A high-quality steam mop can clean the whole house with just a small amount of water, and you want to combine vacuuming and mopping. One machine can do the cleaning work of vacuuming and mopping. No matter how stubborn stains are, you only need to push one step. In place, there is no need to scrub the floor repeatedly, which greatly liberates the labor force, makes the cleaning work more time-saving and labor-saving, and is more environmentally friendly;
Purchase according to the power cord
The high-quality steam mop power cord has more than 5 meters, and the extra-long power cord can reach a longer distance and a larger cleaning area. If the length of the power cord is not enough, the distance cannot be cleaned when cleaning.