Disadvantages of steam mops, advantages of steam mops

By admin / Date Feb 15,2022
Advantages of steam mops:
First, use high-temperature steam for sterilization. High-temperature steam sterilization is a basic knowledge for modern people, and many modern sterilizers use this method of sterilization. High-temperature steam disinfection is a pure physical method to kill bacteria, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and is safe and environmentally friendly.
And the raw material required is only about one liter of pure water. The steam emitted by the steam mop can reach 120 degrees Celsius, which has a miraculous effect on the thick oil stains in the kitchen. Hostesses no longer have to frown over stubborn stains in the kitchen.
Second, the electric steam mop also has a multi-purpose feature. The steam mop is not only a good assistant for household cleaning, its high-temperature steam can also be used for vertical ironing of general clothes. It can be said that if you buy an electric steam mop, you will not only get a mop but also a clothes ironing machine. And in practical application, you can also skillfully use high-temperature steam according to the specific situation.
Disadvantages of steam mops:
The downside of a steam mop is its high temperature steam. Because high-temperature steam can cause scalding to the human body, if it is not placed properly, it will cause a major accident if it is picked up by children and sprayed on people. Therefore, care must be taken not to spray it on people and keep it out of the reach of children.
Another disadvantage is that the water required for the steam mop is pure water, and foam water and water mixed with detergent are not allowed, because these ingredients mixed in the water will chemically react during the heating process, which is not good for the human body. . So if you want to use detergent, you still have to use a traditional mop.