Can wood floors be mopped with a steam mop?

By admin / Date Mar 11,2022
Yes, the steam is an instant temperature when it hits the ground, and it cools down quickly. Touch the ground you just dragged, it's still cold. As for some people who say that steam damages the floor, it is nonsense. One is that the wooden floor is afraid of water. In fact, when the steam touches the ground, it will disperse immediately. The design principle of the steam mop has already taken into account the fact that the wooden floor is afraid of water. To talk about how the wooden floor is, it depends on the texture of the material you originally selected. If you want to say that it is not bad for ten thousand years, I believe you do not believe it.
The steam mop can mop the wooden floor, it uses the principle of high temperature to decontaminate. The steam mop is very good, very convenient, saves time and effort, can also disinfect and sterilize, and keep the room dry. Generally, decontamination is good, but if you want to deal with hair, it is ineffective. I recommend the Topology steam mop to you. My family has been using the Topology mop for almost half a year. It really feels convenient and saves time.
After using the steam mop, I threw the sponge mop I bought in the corner and never took it out again. The effect is really bad. The sponge mop not only does not clean the mop, but also leaves thick water marks when mopping the floor. The front and the back are dirty again after dragging the ground, and then it is necessary to drag the ground a second time, which is really troublesome. But the Yuli steam mop you bought will not. It not only cleans the stains very quickly, but also has a good effect, and the steam dries immediately without any water stains.