Compared with the hand mop and the steam mop, which one is better?

By admin / Date Mar 04,2022
Compared with hand mops and steam mops, steam mops are better. Best to use a steam mop. Steam mops are very popular in developed countries such as Europe, America, South Korea and Japan. Mop wooden floors with a steam mop. The water in the kettle does not require any added chemicals. Floors dry out quickly. After about 30 seconds, water vapor quickly emerged. No water spots deposited. Fiber cleaning cloths can be washed and recycled. It is suitable for cleaning hard floors such as wooden floors, laminate floors, marble, floor tiles, etc., as well as direct dry cleaning of blankets, sofas and other items.
1. In theory, the high temperature steam of 100 degrees Celsius can melt these adhesives on the ground, and the dilution effect of the steam on the adhesive can effectively clean the stains on the ground. In my actual experience, I can really feel the super cleaning power of the steam mop, especially in the kitchen, balcony, and places where people often walk around the sofa. It can be easily done without detergent. Although steam mops are superior to ordinary mops in terms of cleaning and sterilization, they are not perfect, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in use.
2. Steam mop mopping with high-temperature steam will dissolve other stains such as oil stains that are difficult to clean on the floor. Ordinary mops use sponges or cotton balls to absorb water and mop the floor, and ordinary mops only use ordinary cold water or hot water to mop the floor. The steam mop looks like a vacuum cleaner, and the mop head can be rotated 90 degrees back and forth and 150 degrees left and right, which can deeply clean difficult places. When cleaning with an ordinary mop, it is generally necessary to lower the waist, and it is difficult to squat or squat in places that are difficult to clean.
3. The key technology of steam mop is not to set too high a threshold. There is no essential difference between hundreds of thousands of products, but after all, they are products that use electricity and water at high temperature, so the most basic quality must be guaranteed. If you have the conditions, it is best to get started with this type of product first. The feel is definitely the first factor that affects whether you insist on using it. Try to lower the water tank as much as possible, so that the center of gravity is low and the control is stable, and the handle is equivalent to a lever, which can save a lot of effort. The above is the answer to the question of which one is better to use compared to the hand-pressed mop and the steam mop.