Steam mop: an artifact that frees your hands, or a burden that adds to your troubles

By admin / Date Mar 24,2022
Although there are cleaning tools such as sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners at home, the use of mops is unavoidable. After all, there are many stubborn stains on the ground, and it takes great effort to perform miracles. Every time using a mop was a pain in the ass, until I discovered an artifact - a steam mop.
During the epidemic, all major e-commerce companies sold steam mops, claiming that they can eliminate bacteria in the room through high temperature. High temperature also has a strong cleaning effect, which can make mopping the floor easier. Is the steam mop an artifact that frees your hands, or is it a burden that adds to your troubles?
01 How does a steam mop work?
From the structural point of view, the steam mop is actually a large iron, except that the side that irons the clothes is pasted with a mop, and there are also many small nozzles to release steam. The main components include the main control circuit, heating body, water tank, water pump, nozzle connector, as well as shell parts, mop head accessories, etc.
The high-pressure and large-flow water pump drives the entire water circuit to flow. After the main board supplies power to the heating body, a large amount of high-temperature water vapor can be generated. Most of the steam mops on the market are wired in design, and there is no anxiety about battery life, but there is anxiety about refilling water.
02 Is a steam mop better than a normal mop?
The kitchen floor at home is often contaminated with all kinds of oil stains. If it is not cleaned in time, the stubborn dirt will stick firmly to the floor surface. Every time you clean it, you have to use steel wool + cleaning agent to completely clear it.
Theoretically, the high-temperature steam of 100 degrees Celsius can melt these adhesives on the ground, and the dilution of the adhesive by the steam can clean the stains on the ground very efficiently. In my actual experience, I can really feel the super cleaning power of the steam mop, especially in the kitchen, balcony, and places where you often move around the sofa, it can be easily done without detergent.
In addition, the steam mop can release high-temperature steam of 100 degrees Celsius, which also gives it additional sterilization and disinfection functions. Such as Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc. If there are children at home who like to crawl on the ground, chew on anything, or the family likes to walk barefoot at home, the function of high temperature sterilization can prevent various infections caused by bacteria to a certain extent.
However, ordinary mops + cleaners may not have a good killing effect, and the key steam will not remain, avoiding secondary pollution in the room.
Especially during the epidemic, many consumers will light up as long as they see the words "disinfection and sterilization". The direct physical contact of steam mop is more direct than air sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization. Moreover, the steam mop also has many mop head accessories, not only for mopping the floor, but also for the disinfection of doors, windows and furniture.
03 What are the inconveniences of using a steam mop?
Although steam mops are better than ordinary mops in terms of cleaning and sterilization, they are not perfect, and there are still many areas for improvement in use.
First, the power cord needs to be connected, and the range of activities is relatively limited. Because the heating body and the water pump are high energy consumption, if the lithium battery is used, either the volume is huge, or the battery life is long, and it is more difficult to have a good user experience.
Second, the mop is inconvenient to clean. If the room is small or not particularly dirty, a steam mop will do the trick in one go. But on the contrary, you need to clean the mop several times. If you don't clean it, the dirty mop will drop dirt. Ordinary mops can be shaken in the bathroom. The steam mop has to be removed and cleaned separately. If the room is large, it may take 5-6 times to clean the mop for one cleaning, which is really a bit maddening. Of course, there are also disposable mopping cloths, it depends on your willingness.
Third, very heavy. Can an oversized iron, plus a water tank, not sink? Some products have not been designed with the center of gravity in use, and the water tank is designed to a very high position, which is really labor-intensive after a long time.
Fourth, use pure water as much as possible. If ordinary tap water is used, after a long time of use, the scale will block the steam holes, thus affecting the work efficiency.
Fifth, be careful of burns. After all, it is steam at 100°C, so be careful when using it.
04 How to choose a steam mop?
The key technology of the steam mop does not have too high barriers. There will be no essential difference between a few hundred yuan and a few thousand yuan products, but after all, it is a product that uses electricity, water and high temperature, and it is necessary to ensure the most basic quality.
If you have the conditions, it is best to experience this type of product. The feel is definitely the first factor that affects whether you insist on using it. The water tank should be placed down as far as possible, so that the center of gravity is low and the control is stable, and the handle is equivalent to a lever, which can also save a lot of effort.
Also consider the tank capacity: the larger the capacity, the longer it will last, but it also means the machine will be heavier. Heating power: In general, the higher the power, the shorter the preheating time and the faster the heating speed. Steam volume: The larger the steam volume, the better the cleaning effect, of course, the material of the mop should also be considered. Cable length: The longer the cable, the larger the coverage radius, and the more convenient to use.